Driving Change

Driving Change

Hillenbrand is committed to being a company where the positive impact of our people, products, and partnerships help better the environments in which we operate. This includes focusing on meeting the needs of the present while making improvements for future generations and using our position to drive change and positively impact the world around us. In September 2019, Hillenbrand publicly committed to advancing sustainability and addressing topics of material importance to stakeholders and our own core values by signing onto the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

By signing the UNGC, Hillenbrand is also committing to act in support of UN goals and issues embodied in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with an emphasis on supporting the SDGs through collaboration and innovation and is pledging to continue working to improve alignment of business strategies to universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Joining the UNGC as a participant and officially announcing our support of these principles represents one of the first formal steps on our sustainability journey. We believe that considering sustainability in our business efforts has the potential to improve all aspects of our company including our social and environmental impacts.


The Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee of our Board of Directors oversees Hillenbrand’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility policies, objectives, practices, and progress. The leaders responsible for these efforts make regular presentations to the committee about the Company’s execution on strategy in these areas. 

Our Core Values

Hillenbrand’s corporate culture is built on five Core Values, the first being individual worth and integrity. It is crucial to the success of our company that we align ourselves and our operation with these core values. 

“We’re proud to publicly commit to making the Global Compact an integral part of Hillenbrand’s sustainability strategy." - Joe Raver, President & CEO

As a global diversified industrial company, we are committed to pursuing a leadership role and fulfilling our duty to improve the social and environmental impacts of our activities.

This includes the development of global partnerships that will help achieve one or more of the SDGs. Hillenbrand has created a long-term partnership with high schools in Batesville, Indiana and Friedrichshafen, Germany, along with our operating company, Coperion, to address changing workforce demographics to help fuel business and community success.

Students from both schools selected and tackled real world business challenges associated with meeting one or more of the SDGs and worked across cultures to research global challenges such as climate, water and food crises, and inequality under the UN’s theme of Making Global Goals Local Business.

The video above explains the program in more detail and demonstrates how people, products and partnerships can impact the environments in which we operate.


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At the request of our Board of Directors, in 2018 Hillenbrand created a Sustainability Steering Committee consisting of associates from our corporate center and operating companies, to guide the Company’s sustainability efforts.

In addition to corporate social responsibility projects already in place, the Company evaluates opportunities to align its business practices with the principles of sustainable growth. Hillenbrand is proud to report in more detail how we are currently engaging with our communities in these areas.

For example, we maintain a corporate giving program. Direct donations to programs aligned with our core values and our global charitable giving philosophy also help us meet the needs of local communities. Our four core areas of donation engagement globally are workforce, community enhancement, health & wellness, and diversity & inclusion.