Recruiting Process

Recruiting Process

Attracting Talent, Making Connections

Talent is a critical competitive advantage. At Hillenbrand, we focus on finding, attracting, hiring and on-boarding top talent to meet our business needs.

Our recruiters are in countless networks, communities and campuses and are dialed into opportunities globally for Hillenbrand.


Check out the company's latest news, stock information and find recently-announced job opportunities. While you're there, connect with our recruiting teams on our official Hillenbrand company page.


Step 1: Apply

Once you've identified an opportunity of interest, submit your profile online. A member of our internal recruitment team will then review your credentials. You will then be contacted regarding next steps.

Step 2: Assess

Depending on the role, location and timing, we may connect with you via telephone, webcam or through a traditional in-person interview. We recognize that an interview should serve a mutual benefit, and we invite your questions.

Step 3: Offer & On-boarding

It's decision time. Our team works hard to ensure the right hiring decision is made for you and for Hillenbrand. Offers are extended live via telephone or in-person from a member of our internal team. If you are not selected after your interview, you will be notified by a member of our team.

Once you've accepted an offer, you will receive additional details about your on-boarding experience.