Community Leadership Series

The Hillenbrand Community Leadership Series (HICLS) engages with key leaders from the company and community in strategic discussions focusing on continuing to build our community into an attractive place to live and work. In 2019, the group will have the opportunity to listen to a variety of speakers around the central theme “Building Regional Capacity”.

The focus of the class will be expanding thought of how we approach micro-regionalism in rural communities. Over the course of the year, the class will meet four times around a central theme of building regional capacity. Each class will be based around supporting the theme: 1) Why Regionalism Matters 2) Placemaking 3) Asset Mapping 4) Connectivity.

Each of our speaker series is partnered with a strategy session where the class will be able to discuss the issues facing our community and begin to develop action items to help strengthen Southeast Indiana.

The application period for this year's class is now closed.