Community Affairs


The Core Values in the Hillenbrand Operating Model indicate that employees are to be responsible corporate citizens committed to the health and safety of people and involved in their local communities. Hillenbrand is continuing its sustainability journey and our communities play a vital role.


As part of our larger sustainability initiative, Hillenbrand has adopted the United Nations Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global multi-year journey to “Make Global Goals Local Business” by driving awareness and responsible business action to support the achievement of the goals. Because of this, we strive to impact the Sustainable Development Goals through our strategic partnerships. 



When we partner with an organization, we ensure that it supports our company values, cultivates growth within the organization, and drives an increased value in the community. Our work together must engage, educate and have an end-market focus. Therefore, we align our efforts with the following areas to drive the best partnership strategy and make an impact: Health & Safety, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Education & Trade Skills, and Benefitting the Environment.

Community engagement has been part of the corporate mindset since the early days of Hillenbrand and our social responsibility programs weave company, community, and commitment where we operate around the world. Together, we respond to the needs of our local communities. Our strategic partnerships are aligned with our Core Values and charitable giving philosophy globally. In addition, we provide our associates opportunities to engage in our communities. Today, we strive to make our community involvement consist of more than just writing a check. We want to be engaged and understand what our community does, who they serve, and how they bring value.


The Company makes all charitable donations (defined as cash, in-kind, and/or use of goods and services) in compliance with its Code, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy, and other applicable laws and regulations. The Company will only make contributions to qualified charitable organizations, which are defined as:

  • Organizations that are tax-exempt as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) in the U.S. or an equivalent (outside of the U.S.) institutional registration or designation in the pursuit of philanthropic, nonprofit, or civic activities.
  • The organization’s primary mission aligns with The Company’s strategic contribution areas as outlined on our website.
  • The organization’s policies and practices are consistent with the Company’s Non-Discrimination policies and practices. Non-Discrimination is defined as not discriminating based on race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, genetic information, disability or any other characteristics protected by law. The Company will not make contributions to organizations that discriminate and parties requesting donations must affirm their commitment to non-discrimination.
    • Contributions to any group that are focused on a single race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, genetic information, or disability are acceptable, provided the organization in and of itself meets the above requirements.


The Company’s charitable contribution dollars shall not be allocated to the following:

  • Organizations whose primary purpose is to promote political views, influence legislation, or support candidates for public office, including those within the U.S. that fall under a 501(c)(5) tax status or a 527 Political Action Committee;
  • Trade Associations, as these donations are outside of the Charitable Contributions Policy should be coded through the budget process and not assigned as a tax-exempt status;
  • Individuals or organizations whose primary purpose is benefiting one individual or family;
  • Donations to nonprofit organizations to specifically fund a position, i.e. a role or job function within a charitable organization that is dependent on the donation;
  • Churches, religious or sectarian programs for religious purposes, or religious training programs;
  • Recreational, sports or athletic associations;
  • Terrorist groups or activities;
  • Organizations located in embargoed countries prohibited by U.S. or other sanctions laws or other applicable law; or
  • Any organization whose activities may be in conflict with the Company’s culture and values.


Charitable gifts and strategic partnerships are chosen on an annual basis. Decisions about charitable contributions are made by each Operating Company in accordance with our charitable giving guidelines. Decisions regarding donations are at the sole discretion of Hillenbrand.