Headquarters: Büchen, Germany

President: Jaak Palisaar 

Products: Positive displacement pumps suitable for abrasive, aggressive and even shear-sensitive media, aftermarket parts and service

Applications: Transporting abrasive, paste-like material at high pressures and over a long distance

End Markets: Mining, ceramics, water and chemicals

ABEL develops and manufactures highly-engineered, energy efficient, positive displacement pumps. These niche products are used in harsh and difficult-to-manage, mission critical applications that require high pressures and semi-solid materials movement. Dependent on the design, the pumps are suitable for abrasive, aggressive and even shear-sensitive material. ABEL is recognized around the world as a technology leader in mechanical diaphragm pumps. Solid handling pumps (for paste-like and non-Newtonian media) and high-pressure plunger pumps complete its range of products.