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Welcome to Hillenbrand

We are ever mindful of the responsibility of being effective stewards of the capital our investors entrust to us and we work diligently to increase the value of their investment in Hillenbrand. Our enterprise-level strategy continues to focus on building a strong, diversified organization that supports operating companies in multiple growth-oriented industries.

Our strategy is to grow revenue, net income and cash flow in the operating companies through a combination of organic growth and, primarily in the growth businesses, selected acquisitions.

Our tactics are to provide effective governance and leverage the operating company results by applying the following few core competencies:

Strategy management is the foundation for developing an effective game plan in any business. Strategy without execution is an academic exercise and execution without strategy is prone to chaos. We can help acquired companies sharpen their focus to execute the “critical few” objectives that provide the greatest competitive leverage and generate the best results.

Lean business practices eliminate waste, improve quality and increase operational efficiencies. Lean business is also the backbone of our culture of execution. Batesville has proven that even a slow-growth business can drive superior financial returns by employing continuous improvement/lean business practices throughout the entire value chain. We will do the same for acquired companies.

Intentional talent development is part of Hillenbrand’s “genetic code.” The business with the best talent has a marked advantage and is best positioned to execute its strategy. We manage the leadership development of our high-potential associates through a variety of assignments to broaden their viewpoint and stretch their abilities. This enables us to consistently recruit, develop and retain top talent, while providing a strong pipeline for succession planning.

Joe Raver
President and CEO



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